Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ten virgins

The words in the first panel of this cartoon come from a sermon I heard recently. It is the passage from Matthew 25 about the ten virgins and the bridegroom, and how some were ready and others were not.

The other two panels carry on to a possibly logical conclusion. Not one that I agree with, nor one that is in line with the ethic of Jesus, who seems to have spent much time with those who were excluded from the traditional religious circles.


  1. Rob there is an expose of the disciplinary procedures at Mark Driscoll's church in Seattle - I'm not sure of the url at this moment - but if you google Driscoll and church discipline you'll likely find a two part blog about a man named Andrew's experience ..... a tragic playing out of your cartoon.

    1. Wendy - I looked up the two part blog about Andrew's experience at Mars Hill, and it is definitely a 'tragic playing out' of this cartoon. Wow! And so much the opposite of the generous spaciousness that this blog and your blog are promoting. Thanks for pointing out this real life example.

      Here are the links for anyone who wants to read more: first part and second part.

  2. In my books, exclusion always comes after embrace.