Tuesday, November 29, 2011

about the labels (etc.)

This post exists to give clarity as to how this blog is using some of the labels, and the choice of related sites. It is a work in progress, and will continue to change over time.

About the labels

I am listing here only those labels on which I want to comment:
used as a suffix for labels which indicate a specific series on a given topic rather than just various cartoons which are about the same topic. For example, "not anti- (s)" is a series about "not being anti-gay."
for posts specifically about churches -- such as narrow gate, looking for jesus, etc but not the three-part-sermons (while their setting is a church, they are more about the ideas expressed by the pastor)
for posts which are about diversity in general, but not in the corporate sense (see next item)
diversity and inclusion
for posts which are about diversity and inclusion as used in corporate / organizational settings
for posts which are specifically showing the experience of grace, the offering of grace, etc.
this identifies posts which to me hold key ideas and concepts. If you want the cream of the crop, start here.
used when the issue is labelling someone, calling them names, etc.
used for posts which deal with "what words mean"
for exclusion, discrimination and prejudice based on physical attributes such as stature, hair colour, handedness, etc.
love the sinner... (s)
short for "love the sinner, hate the sin." The (s) indicates that this is a series of cartoons on this topic.
for jesus going to the margins cartoon, and more...
pastor stickman
this blog has various cartoons featuring pastors. In the early months of the blog, these were individual cartoons using the context of a pastor preaching to make a particular point. As of June 17, 2012, when pastor stickman inadvertantly outed himself, he has become a specific character and the cartoons relate to each other and build on each other. The "pastor stickman" label is only used for these newer ones.
used for 'lost gospels' and other cartoons that deal with overall rejection rather than rejection based on a specific other name-able matter
st. pea's
used for posts about st. pea's church. While not its real name, it is a real church in a real Canadian city
used when a standard meaning or interpretation of a Bible verse or concept is twisted in some way -- for example, the narrow gate idea used to suggest leaving the church
for cartoons like "precious one" or 'church signs', which are explicitly about welcoming others
western jesus
this label is used for cartoons which show a Jesus who acts the way that contemporary North American Christians tend to. This idea and theme came out of reading Richard Beck's book unclean, taking some of the concepts from it and applying them to Jesus. In other words, if Jesus was the way we tend to be, how would he have acted in the situations he found himself in?
word art
used for images which are primarily words arranged in some artistic way

About the related sites

The list of related sites is carefully chosen to provide key resource websites on the kinds of topics covered on this blog. For the time being, my goal is to list a maximum of ten sites. Some of them may seem unrelated depending on what post you view on their site; for example, Experimental Theology covers a wide range of topics -- but I've included it as Richard Beck has frequently written on topics of great relevance to my site here.

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