Thursday, March 22, 2012

man's best friend

Once in a while, Pastor Stickman's resistance to wearing his reading glasses does him good.

And further to dog's love for us, the Archbishop of Canterbury has asked,
What difference would it make if I believed I am held in a wholly loving gaze which saw all my surface accidents and arrangements, all my inner habits and inheritances, all my anxieties and arrogances, all my history, and yet loved me wholly with an utterly free, utterly selfless love? And what difference would it make if I let myself believe that each person around me is loved and held in the same overwhelming, loving gaze, and that this love made no distinctions of race, religion, age, innocence, strength or beauty?
(as quoted in a sermon by Bishop Jane on March 4, 2012).
And that is what dog is like, loving us with an utterly free, utterly selfless love, no matter what, and wanting us to do the same for others.


  1. Having recently acquired a 'dog' and knowing the love of God, I feel wholly embraced by the cartoon and the wonderful quote from the too soon to be retiring Archbishop of Canterbury

    1. Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you feel wholly embraced by the cartoon. In provoking thinking, some of the cartoons on this blog are (necessarily) negative, so I'm pleased when I have ideas for cartoons that are more positively focused and encourage others.

  2. Did they sing the dogsology at the end of the service?