Friday, March 22, 2013

gospel according to bell

This cartoon isn't really about Rob Bell, though it takes elements of what he said and shows how some members of the public might perceive his message.

It's more about the illogical ways that people think. For example, from what he is saying, it would seem that the man in the picture has or had the idea that even though hell does not exist, that homosexuals are still going there. Of course, this is not really logical -- if hell doesn't exist, no one can go there. But old prejudices die hard, as does black and white thinking and "us and them" thinking.

For example, in response to Rob Bell's recent comments about same-sex marriage, one reader made this comment:

"You're either Christian or gay. Can't be both." Hmm. This would be contradicted by the many LGBT people who are vibrant followers of Jesus.

"Homosexuals aren't going to heaven." Really? I thought Jesus opened the way for all to enter....

"You cannot change God's mind." What buzzbird is really saying here, is that they are set in their ways and won't change their mind. We already know that God "changes his mind" (example).

"You cannot change the bible truths." One thing is for sure, that we often can't agree on what those truths are and which apply today or not.

What do you think?

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