Friday, September 20, 2013


How ironic. Putin and his government are bringing in strict anti-gay laws, and his police are running around with the word "HOMO" printed backwards on their shirts:

Of course it's really the abbreviation for Отряд мобильный особого назначения, (Otryad Mobilniy Osobogo Naznacheniya — Russian H sounds like our N), but still.... Even more ironic in this picture where they are arresting gay rights activists at an authorized gay rights rally!

On a more serious note, the increase in discrimination against and oppression of sexual minorities in other parts of the world is very disturbing, and even more so disturbing is that some of this is apparently being encouraged by conservative western Christians!

Can you imagine Jesus preaching, "Blessed are you who persecute sexual minorities"? or  "Blessed are you who ensure that non-heterosexuals can be fired for no reason other than their non-heterosexuality"?

I can't. It would be completely backwards to the Jesus who walked - and still walks - among us with love and mercy.

Read Michael Kimpan's article on (good) gracious, where he explores more of these current matters.

Read National Geographic's brief report on harsh anti-gay laws in other countries.

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