Sunday, May 18, 2014

[lgbt rights around the world]

The Guardian has just posted a survey of lgbt rights around the world, focusing on five areas:
  1. Is sex between consenting lgbt adults legal?
  2. Are lgbt people protected against discrimination in the workplace?
  3. Do lgbt people have the right to marry?
  4. Are same-sex couples eligible to apply for adoption?
  5. Does the country’s legal system consider hate crimes based on sexual orientation or gender identity to be an aggravating circumstance?
These are rights which those of us who are straight never have to think about. But for many lgbt people around the world, these rights are often limited or non-existent. (I'm pleased that Canada, the country I live in, allows for all five of these).

Take a global tour yourself, using the interactive charts to see the current state of lgbt rights, at the Guardian's website.

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