Wednesday, March 18, 2015

abandon the moral circle

If you have not seen my previous post about moral circles, read this first and then this.

abandon the moral circle. drawing by robg

How to bring the not-kin into the circle?
with arms wide open

How to move myself out of the circle?

follow jesus out of it

How to make the circle disappear?

love your neighbour and your enemy

Some thoughts about addressing our moral circle:

Identify the general location of your moral circle.

Act across the moral circle.

Weave connections across the circle.

Expand the moral circle.

Step out of the moral circle.

Step over the moral circle.

Live as if the moral circle does not exist.
(This essentially destroys the moral circle, as I only have one if I let it exist, if I live like it does...)

And that's what Jesus does, isn't it?

Jesus acts across the boundaries that others would want him to have, he steps out of the expectations of kin versus not-kin, he lives as if the moral circle does not exist... loving everyone, friends and enemies alike.


  1. Not to step on your toes or anything, but Jesus (if he existed and the accounts we have are reliable) wasn't particularly fond of expanding his moral circle..

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. I'm wondering what in particular you are referring to.... is it his encounter with the Canaanite woman or something else?

      rob g

      p.s. don't worry about my toes.