Friday, October 09, 2015

transubstantiation, carnivores and divorcees

Picture of St. Atkin's Church. People talking: "What do they believe about transubstantiation?" "I don't know but they're pro-carnivore. That's good enough for me..." "But what if they don't accept divorced and remarried people like us?" "Oh". Drawing by rob goetze

St. Atkin's makes it pretty clear that they are pro-carnivore (see previous cartoon in this post). Other things are less certain, but of greater significance to this couple. Will they be welcome even though they married each other after divorcing their previous partners? Not that many years ago, the answer would have been no.  In some churches, it still is.

If you're thinking, "Divorced and remarried? Who cares!", then I ask you: "What do you care about? What matters to you?"

What things make it difficult for you to accept someone else?

Who do you find difficult to embrace?

What's stopping you from loving people the way Jesus did?

And for what things have you yourself experienced rejection?

Read the article on uncertain spaces.

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