Tuesday, March 08, 2016

[towards mental wellness - articles]

blue bird on tangled grey background. excerpt of an illustration by Brian Liu, from cover page for Winter 2016 issue of Regent College's the Regent World digital magazine
Excerpt of illustration by Brian Liu
The Winter 2016 issue of Regent College's The Regent World digital magazine is focused on mental wellness and is well worth reading!

(this is a "current issue" link, which I will update once the next issue is released)

List of articles:

Companions on the Journey: Sharon Smith & Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries

A Theological Reflection on My Experience of Depression

"Me Too." A Hospital Visit

Writing in the Margins: A Conversation with Matt Malyon

Managing Mental Health While Pursuing a PhD: Interview with Rachel Krohn

Holding on to Your Faith in the Dark Night

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