Friday, April 29, 2016

things god forgot to put in the Bible (#3)

caption: things god forgot to put into the bible. Picture of clouds with god sitting on throne, jesus on a chair beside him. God says, "Shoulda put this in: 'God loves gay people but hates what they do...'"  Jesus replies, "You bet, pops! Look at the abominable way that gay man is loading his dishwasher!!" Concept and drawing by rob goetze

(inspired by a comment made by a nine-year-old)

Loading dishwashers is one of those things in life. There are people who load them willy-nilly and there are the people who load them the right way.

Of course, my right way of loading a dishwasher is not the same as your "right way" of loading the dishwasher. In fact, your way of loading the dishwasher is barely acceptable. And then there's my colleague who does an absolutely abominable job of loading the dishwasher in the staff kitchen!

And people wonder why I'm stressed out at work. Imagine how God feels when he sees all of this!

On a more serious note, have you ever heard anyone say, "God loves straight people but not what they do..."?

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