Monday, November 06, 2017

[the spirit of alex decoteau]

Esprit sculpture by Pierre Poussin, at Alex Decoteau park. Photo by robg

There's a new park near my office here in downtown Edmonton, named after Alex Decoteau, with a red sculpture by Pierre Poussin in the middle:
Esprit celebrates the spirit of Alex Decoteau. Alex Decoteau was a national hero with distinctions such as being Canada's first Indigenous police officer; World War I veteran; Olympic runner, and first inductee to Edmonton's Sports Hall of Fame. Composed of metal ribbons that intersect in fluidity, the sculpture stems from the silhouette of a man mid-sprint. Esprit strives to honour the achievements of a national hero and will serve as a landmark for the park, as well as for the greater Edmonton community. By choosing an abstract form, the artist aimed to render the artwork timeless and symbolic to as many people in the public as possible. (from the plaque)
I love the way it flows freely against the backdrop of a government building in rigid concrete ...

The park is located at 105 Street NW and 102 Avenue NW, Edmonton.

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