Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Have you ever heard a blond joke which was about a blond guy? I haven't. Blond jokes -- even if the target is just referred to as "a blond", are always about women.

So along with the discrimination and prejudice which women generally face, a woman who is blond has an additional layer to tend with. This is sometimes referred to as intersectionality -- when more than one type of discrimination or prejudice impacts a person. Another example of this is the experience of black women who are discriminated against based on both gender and race.

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  1. Two tradesmen have been tasked to measure the height of a flagpole at the court house.
    Not having a ladder with them, they are scratching their respective heads, searching for a solution. Just then a pretty blond women walks by and asks them what the are doing. They tell her and she says she can be of help. The lads cock an eyebrow but raise no objection to her helping. She grasps the flagpole firmly, unscrews it, lays it on the ground measures it and then puts it back up. "3 metres 90" she says and walks off.
    "Typical blond" says the one to the other, "we ask for the height and she gives us the length."

    - I knew I had seen it somewhere. Now it is time to share!