Thursday, December 29, 2011

[why not choose love?]

From Carl Greg's post “Why Not Choose Love? Picking and Choosing Scripture as a Twenty-first Century Christian"
Progressive Christians are sometimes accused of “picking and choosing” Bible verses for their own convenience. But I would invite you to consider that, upon close inspection, all Christians pick and choose when it comes to the Bible. The same Bible has been used throughout history to affirm both slavery and emancipation, sexism and equality, violence and nonviolence. The question, then, becomes what criteria should we use to pick and choose between various parts of scripture. This week’s Gospel lesson invites us to consider Jesus’ own way of reading scripture as a potential model for picking and choosing."
Carl goes on to suggest that if we are choosing anyway, why not choose love instead of hate, and talks about Jesus' emphasis. Read the entire post here.

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  1. Always a good reminder. Thank you for this. It can be difficult when faced with decisions that some will not like, to remember that LOVE is our standard, not righteousness (or self-righteousness), not correctness, not even that which we hold dear. But the greatest of these is Love. It helps to remember that Jesus came to save us all and that means I too need His love.