Monday, June 11, 2012

the christian agenda

So much talk in conservative Christian circles about the gay agenda, about how gay people want to destroy churches and recruit children to homosexuality and so on. What about Christians? Do they have an agenda? It seems they do, and it's easy enough to suss out if one follows the news.

This cartoon captures a snapshot over time -- the first frame being an ongoing issue faced by teens when their good kind Christian parents kick them out of the house upon finding out their son or daughter is gay (sometimes on the advice of their pastor), the second frame something that was more commonly said in the early days of AIDS, and the last frame very recent. If you don't know the context, google "pastor worley fence" (especially if you are a follower of Jesus, you need to know what kinds of things other Christians are saying in public).

What will you answer if someone asks you about Pastor Worley?

How can you make the world a safer better place for everyone by showing Jesus' love and standing up against the mistreatment of those on the margins?


  1. A note to Christian readers: if you find this cartoon about the Christian agenda offensive, consider that the way you are feeling might be the same way that many gay and lesbian people feel when straight Christians talk about 'the gay agenda' -- being accused of having an evil agenda when all they want to do is live the same life as everyone else, free to live and enjoy life, free of fear, free of discrimination and hatred, etc.

  2. The only Christian agenda should be "Love your neighbor".

    1. exactly ... loving your neighbour (and loving God)... yet how some miss this completely...