Monday, June 04, 2012

unearthly jesus

Bodily functions. Sometimes we hide their reality, sometimes we are open about them. Some of the crime dramas on television are pretty open – not only do they show characters heading through doors marked "Men" and "Women", but they might also feature entire conversations at the urinal.

Star Trek, in all its generations, is a marked contrast. Of all the episodes I've seen, there are no washrooms or toilets evident anywhere. The one exception to this is bathtubs -- I'm thinking particularly of an episode where Dianna Troy was taking a bath and turned into a bizarre water creature due to some DNA malfunction.

What about Jesus? Did his body function the way ours do? Did he have to take a rest now and then to regain his strength? Did he have to stop to go pee? Or do we prefer to think that he's above such things?

This cartoon was inspired by reading unclean by Richard Beck, which includes discussion of how we view our bodies and whether or not we think of Jesus as really human.

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