Thursday, January 17, 2013

avoidable tragedy

This is avoidable.

That doesn't mean it will be avoided.

It really depends on all who attend St. Peas committing to following Jesus, loving one another, majoring on the mission statement of "love God and love your neighbour," loving others, being humble in our approach to Scripture, loving those who are not like me, valuing people over my own beliefs, striving to live in peace with one another, following Jesus....

Is this possible? Can we who follow Jesus live into the reality of whom he called us to be? Or perhaps I'm just naive....

This "extraordinary post" is in response to an "extraordinary meeting" which I unfortunately could not attend, at my real-life church, a meeting which was held "in camera" which means that no one is talking about it, a church which has a lot of good things going for it but is getting upset about the broader church denomination voting in favour of the option of same-sex blessings.

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