Monday, April 08, 2013

pop art: diversity

I set up the following 'pop art installation' at my workplace, to see what kind of reactions it would get. I was particularly interested in seeing what people thought it meant. The label says "pop art: diversity".

pop art: diversity, by rob g

The following three reactions occurred at different times:

One colleague to another: "Hey, did you see Rob's pop art?"
Other colleague comes to take a look. Chuckles, and says, "It takes all kinds."

Another colleague reads aloud, "Pop art diversity." Laughs, and says, "Very cute."

Another colleague comes over, points to the upper right hand set with two Diet Lime Cokes, and says, "This one's wrong, though." I look at her with anticipation, thinking that we now finally have some real interaction with the installation. "Oh," she says, pointing to the lower right with the two Pepsi cans, and realizing that I did not mean to have them all the same.
"Pop art," I say, "like Andy Warhol, but not with soup cans or it would be soup art."
She laughs, and says, "You're too funny."

I had been hoping that people might make comments or ask questions related to the title of the display instead of affirming my sense of humour, but none did. Will try again with another variation.

What do you see in this picture? Would love to hear your comments.

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