Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[st. pea's: shift in demographics]

The following chart shows some of the shifts that have taken place in the demographics of our congregation, comparing what it was like before the split to what it is like now, after a large group of members have left.

The chart does not cover the usual items like age and gender. Instead it looks at two shifts that are less likely to be considered, yet important in understanding the new face of the church:

St. Pea's shift in demographics: pre- and post-split

Any other trends that you have seen or foresee coming out of this?

  1. This is based on broad guesses and knowledge of members, not on actual surveys.
  2. Terms should be understood loosely -- the idea is not to be precise and nitpicky about what exactly they mean, but to see larger trends and shifts.
  3. Size of the coloured areas indicates relative amounts of parishioners.
  4. Difference in bar area between pre-split and post-split sides is based on an assumed 50% departure rate.

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