Tuesday, June 02, 2015

[there is one catch...]

Reality check: racism is alive and well in Canada:

A black man is looking for a furnished place, and adds the following to the end of his Kijiji ad:

There is one catch I am a black male.

black male looking to rent via kijiji. post at exclusionandembrace.blogspot.com

It suggests that he has previously called about apartments and received a positive response, until he showed up in person to look at it. At that point, the landlord saw that he is black and was no longer wanting to rent to him.

So he now gives a heads up in his ad so that his time isn't wasted, and so he can avoid another experience of racism. 

black male looking to rent via kijiji. full ad. post at exclusionandembrace.blogspot.com

And some people believe that the world is more civilized than it used to be...

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  1. After I posted this, a friend emailed me to say that his son who lives in Halifax had told him that in the past year, several restaurants in that city had been charged with refusing to serve a black person.
    I found one link online: http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/canada/nova-scotia/halifax-alehouse-fined-7k-for-denying-service-to-black-man-1.2663486