Tuesday, October 10, 2017

[answering messages of hate with love]

Here's an innovative and constructive way to deal with racist graffiti:
Ibo Omari has a plan for when he comes across a swastika painted onto a wall in his hometown of Berlin. He’ll grab a can of spray paint from the graffiti supply shop that he owns, and cover it up. But Omari doesn’t just erase the Nazi trademark—he transforms it.

Since launching Berlin #PaintBack earlier this year, Omari and his fellow organizers have covered up at least 20 swastikas across Berlin, leaving an array of whimsical street art where symbols of hate were once visible.

Picture of Ibo Omari transforming a swastika in Berlin, using spray paint. Photo by Deutsche Presse Agentur.

Read more about how #PaintBack is transforming neo-nazi graffiti into whimsical street art.

Here's a Canadian story where a church in Waterloo did something quite similar.

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