Thursday, November 03, 2011

the narrow gate

Who's in and who's out? What overt or subtle signs are there indicating who is welcome?

When is it better to leave? Necessary to leave?

The narrow gate that leads to life is not always what people expect it to be.....


  1. I've seen this somewhere before.....

    (I just wanted to be the first to make a comment. Ha!! You're doing a good thing here Rob. We miss you!!)


  2. This makes me think about the comments at University / work where they say "Challenge your assumptions". Well, if I know what all my assumptions were, I could tell you. Too often our assumptions are such a part of our cultural make-up that we don't know what they truly are.

    Here, I have to think just who I have accepted in our church community. We have been told to love all, rather than to reject anyone - have I done that?


  3. Hi Alex:

    Thanks for your comments. It is often difficult to know what one's assumptions are, isn't it.

    I have found that some of my assumptions become obvious when I'm in contexts where there is a diversity of people, ideas, and so on. By hearing something said by someone, and realizing "I didn't know anyone might think that" or, in some cases, "I would never have imagined that someone might see it that way," I've been made aware of some of the assumptions I hold. The same thing has happened when reading a book or magazine article.

    My hope is that the cartoons and commentary, along with comments by readers such as yourself, will help us see and challenging our assumptions.