Tuesday, November 22, 2011

litmus test

*In case the letters are too small, "ssb" is short for same-sex blessings.

The sermon this past Sunday was on the passage in Matthew 25 regarding the sheep and the goats, and the pastor brought out some interesting points. One was that in the Middle East, there are many varieties of sheep and goats, and that you cannot tell them apart except by their tails! So it seems my two pictures in the cartoon represent western understandings of sheep and goats.

In any case, this cartoon was inspired by the comment made at times that same-sex blessings will be the litmus test as to whether a mainline denomination is faithful to orthodox Biblical views. Really? That's the litmus test?

What about seeing how well they actually do what Jesus says and does? Wouldn't that be a better test of whether "followers of Jesus" are really following Him?

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  1. for whatever reason, your comments on this cartoon brought back a story from peter rollins book "the orthodox heretic" entitled salvation for a demon. an old priest shows kindness, hospitality, love and compassion to a demon that comes to visit him and in so living the way of Jesus, saw Christ in all. now there's a litmus test for you!