Monday, November 14, 2011

church signs

This cartoon was inspired by conversations about the idea of "welcoming but not affirming". Typically, such signs are not on the front lawn but are only discovered after you attend a church. In the case of "Live and love without labels," this is the reality of Highlands Church in Denver.

How do you understand the action of welcoming someone? How is it the same or different from affirming them?

Whom did Jesus welcome, and how did he welcome? If you attend or are involved in a church, whom do they welcome?


  1. I sometimes wonder if we should be affirming of much. If we believe that the only things that won't be burnt away will be what we do out of love for Jesus rather than ourselves, then how much of what I do should be affirmed? Probably less then what I would like, perhaps more than I see myself. Hmm.... And does affirming lead to pride or to Jesus-reliance? Sometimes I wonder. Does it depend on who says it or when?

    As for you, I affirm you for you! I affirm this comic but not the comments.

    BTW, we just said goodbye to your better half at the train station on the way to the airport. Looking forward to seeing you hopefully next year. Until then, we miss all you guys.


  2. Hi Alex:

    Thanks for your affirmation! and I know that when we visit, you will make us feel most welcome.

    I'm wondering whether welcoming one another makes real and tangible the open arms of God toward us... and if affirming each other communicates the reality that God loves and accepts us where we are at right now, no matter what....