Sunday, November 06, 2011

pew warmers

What does it mean to "not be anti-gay?" Is this similar to "not being anti-black" or "not being anti-men"?

Or perhaps, using the standard rule that two negatives cancel each other out, does being "not anti-gay" equal being gay? Or if two negatives equal a positive, would being "not anti-gay" equal being pro-gay?

At a broader level, do you feel welcome to sit in the pews of your church (or a church)? Are you looking to do more than just sit in the pew?

This cartoon was inspired by events in the summer of 2011 when, in response to online protests, Howard Schulz, the CEO and Chairman of Starbucks, pulled out of speaking at a large event sponsored by a large church. The pastor responded very graciously toward Howard, encouraging people to buy his book, get coffee there, and so on. However, some of what he said in response to the accusations made by the protesters was interesting in terms of language. For more on this, see the post anti-gay on

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