Tuesday, May 12, 2015

[i come with joy]

The hymn sung during the Eucharist this past Sunday reminded me of my recent posts about moral circles, and about how the Eucharist is the great leveler:

I Come with Joy

I come with joy, a child of God,
forgiven, loved, and free,
the life of Jesus to recall,
in love laid down for me.

I come with Christians far and near
to find, as all are fed,
the new community of love
in Christ's communion bread.

As Christ breaks bread and bids us share,
each proud division ends,
The love that made us makes us one,
and strangers now are friends.

The spirit of the risen Christ,
unseen but ever near,
is in such friendship better known,
alive among us here.

Together met, together bound,
by all that God has done,
we'll go with joy, to give the world
the love that makes us one.

Text: Brian Wren (1936 - ), © 1971, 1995 Hope Publishing Co.

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