Friday, July 01, 2016

depictions of god on this blog

Ah, yes. God is a man. Or at least, looks like a man.Those defaults that I've been taught all my life by the religious culture that I'm embedded in have really sunk in.

Until something shakes them up a bit:

It might seem like an innocuous tweet, but Broderick Greer is someone I pay attention to. And so after reading it, I thought to myself, oh, while I know that God is not a man with a beard, and while I have even depicted Jesus as a queer black female, I do sometimes depict God as a man with a beard.

So l looked at some of my cartoons: In some, I want people to twig in to this being God so I draw "him" with a beard, but shake it up a bit " making him brown. However, am I still perpetuating the idea that God is a man?

There is a simple problem - if I drew a woman to represent God, would people understand who she is? I guess that might depend on context - cuz "man with beard" doesn't say 'God' either, unless he's on a throne in the clouds... Hmm.

In some of my cartoons, such as the recent 'things god forgot to put in the Bible' cartoons, you cannot tell whether God is depicted as a man or a woman. Don't credit me for being intentional about this; I'm not great at drawing so if I can find a way to draw people (or gods) without drawing their faces, I'll use it.

And then there's the badly drawn balding man with out a beard.
And finally, I came across this cool depiction, which is the kind of drawing I make of God when I'm just drawing a picture of how God loves us. 

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