Tuesday, June 05, 2018

draw the circle wide

"circling around" cartoon by rob goetze. Two men standing. One says, "Haven't seen Jesus for a few days..." to which the other replies, "Yeah, he said he was going to draw a circle around everyone who is in, headed off the other way, and we haven't seen him since." A blue line circles around his feet, and then runs across the countryside, circling around village and houses, and then runs off the page.

We sang the song "Draw the Circle Wide" at church a few weeks ago and it fits well with this blog. Some will say "there shouldn't be a circle at all" (and I generally agree) -- however, if you read the lyrics, you will see that essentially everyone ends up inside the circle...

Draw the circle wide, draw it wider still.
Let this be our song: no one stands alone.
Standing side by side, draw the circle, draw the circle wide...

God the still-point of the circle
Round you all creation turns
Nothing lost but held forever
in God's gracious arms


Let our hearts touch far horizons
So encompass great and small
Let our loving know no borders
Faithful to God's call


Let the dreams we dream be larger
Than we've ever dreamed before
Let the dream of Christ be in us
Open every door!


Click here to watch the video if your device does not support embedded videos.

"Draw the Circle Wide"
Hymn by Gordon Light and Mark Miller

Read more about moral circles.

If there is no circle, you might either belong... or everyone might just be little bits floating around in the vastness of space...

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