Monday, February 22, 2016

[this little light -- purpose built lamps for a great cause]

A friend of ours gave me this funky little lamp, which you see here on my desk at work.

Picture of "Manning" lamp from This Little Light, on my office desk.
The lamp is made by "This Little Light Handmade Lamp Company", based here in Edmonton. Alberta. Here's what their site says:
We take materials that have been discarded and rebuild them into unique, one of a kind lamps. The process of crafting each lamp is a metaphor for how love can take something broken and make it beautiful. Each lamp is hand crafted by individuals living out stories of Hope, Strength, Resilience and Courage. Whether someone is transitioning back into society after years of incarceration, recovering from addiction, or getting back on their feet after a season of homelessness, This Little Light provides the opportunity for people to discover their second chance.

They currently sell six styles of lamps. You can see them all online, as well as buying them at Park Lighting if you are local to Edmonton.

Six lamps from This Little
This Little Light

Park Lighting

(prices as listed on 2016-02-02. subject to change)

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  1. Thank you so much for the write up. We're so please you are enjoying your lamp.
    We're continuing our work with reintegration and justice programs and prepping for spring markets. We'll be updating our lamp designs well in the coming weeks. Thanks again so much!