Tuesday, March 01, 2016

[asset mapping for straight white folks and others with privilege]

"I think white people who want to take positive action should start to asset map. Rather than being frozen in guilt and thinking about what you "can't do" or how daunting actions might seem, think of all the skills you have and all the communities and spaces you have access to. How can you utilize your assets to create real impact for black liberation?" Jamila Woods. #BlackLivesMatter

What Jamila says here is also true for any sort of privileged people who want to take positive action -- asset map and then utilize your assets to create real impact for the liberation of others...

Here are some examples:

Speaking opportunities:
Have you been invited to speak somewhere? Or been asked to help find a speaker for an event? Is a friend or acquaintance of yours looking for a speaker? Or perhaps your church has an annual lecture series and you could offer suggestions outside of their usual palette.
- Find out who else is being asked to speak. If everyone else is of the same demographic as you, decline and suggest that they would be better served by broadening their range of speakers to include people of colour.
- Find or suggest someone who is a person of colour and/or who represents a minority or an oppressed group.
- Find or suggest someone who speaks from their own life experience rather than speakers who speak of the experiences of people and groups which they are not a part of.

Resources / books / videos / etc.
Been asked to come up with a resource list or to recommend resources on a certain topic? Or perhaps you're in charge of inventory and purchasing?
- Select a wide range of authors to include.
- Ensure that the "book of the month" or the "featured video special" represents all of God's creation, both in terms of demographics and also in terms of views and perspectives.

Sowing seeds
Most likely you are on social media. Here are some things you can do.
- First, use social media to educate yourself. Follow people who are not like you, who are of different cultures, races, histories, places. Learn from them.
- Share what you are learning with Facebook friends, in tweets, etc.
- Mention what you learned in conversations

Communities and spaces you have access to:
- your church
- the community league and sports associations
- special interest groups at work
- volunteer associations or non-profits you volunteer with
- your workplace
- your neighbourhood
- where else?

I'm sure you can think of other ways in which you can utilize your assets to create real impact for the liberation of black people and other oppressed people. Would love to hear from you in the comments.

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